A new way of learning languages: fast, easy and efficient!

With Let Me Tell, you learn the language you’ve always wanted in a complete way, studying grammar, vocabulary, oral comprehension and much more. And the best of all: everything online, with several support materials and a little monthly investment.

What you will find in our platform

Leveling Test

In your first access to the platform, you can do a quick test so that you can find out what is your level and, starting from it, you can start your online classes.

Complete learning

With the Let Me Tell’s course, you’ll exercise the writing, pronunciation and oral comprehension through theoretical materials and several dynamic activities..

Advanced Resources

Our teaching method includes voice recognition, exercises for learning new vocabulary, popular sayings and other activities that help you to enrich your knowledge.

Interactive Games

There’s also a series of games and funny activities so that you can learn a new language in a quicker and more effective way.

100% online platform

You can access Let Me Tell through personal computers, tablets and smartphones. In this way, it’s possible to study at any time and place, always that you want it. Besides that, we count on an exclusive app which is compatible with the main operational systems. What are you expecting to get started?

Innovative Teaching Method

The Let Me Tell’s teaching method counts on structure which was planned and created by experts. With our model, the student learns in the same way a childish native speaker learns it – that means, by association, repetition and contextualization. That’s why the courses we offer are classified in the following teaching units:

1 | Main Lessons: establishes the basis for learning a new language

2 | Consolidation Lessons: strengthens the vocabulary learning

3 | Additional Exercises: consolidates and evaluates the grammar knowledge.

4 | Specific Vocabulary Lessons: presents the vocabulary addressed to the student’s level

5 | Dictations Lessons: develops the oral comprehension by audio transcriptions.

6 | Typical Situations: presents photos and audios from different places and situations

7 | Global Review: Several activities for reviewing and consolidating your knowledge

8 | Free expression dialogues: Pronunciation and comprehension exercises

How long does the Let Me Tell course last?

The Let Me Tell online courses last, in average, 12 months, but everything depends on the time you’ll dedicate yourself to the activities and on your learning rhythm.

Enjoy your free times and schedule reminders directly through our platform, so you can keep your studies up-to-date.

Now that you already know how it works, are you ready for starting your classes?