Easier than you can imagine. Even though it scares Brazilian people at the first sight (due to the different alphabet, original from oriental Slavic languages), it is not difficult to learn Russian.

There are several points about the Dostoievski’s language that make easier to learn it: easy pronunciation, inexistence of articles, similarity with some Portuguese words, only three verbal tenses (past, present and future), and many more!

Have you lost your fear? Then, here is an advice: learning Russian, more than a technical or professional knowledge, is also extremely worth to enrich your knowledge about the local culture – and there’s no price for that!

Russia has been the stage of big historical facts, it has a very rich culture and literature, with authors like Dostoievski, Tolstói and Pushkin. Not to talk about the Russian buildings, such as the Kremlin in Moscow, that amaze everyone in the world,

For those who are going to travel to or live in the country, it’s essential to speak their language to communicate yourself along its more than 17.075.400 km² of the Russian territory – what makes it the largest country in the world.

A course customized for you

Let Me Tell has developed a teaching methodology according to the student’s level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you already have a more advanced knowledge; we do a leveling test and the classes are going to follow each student’s profile.

Our course is fully made for Brazilian students!

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100% Online Classes

Is your day very busy? You can do classes and exercises in your free time, whenever you want it. You just need to have a computer with Internet connection.

The Russian course has an average length of 12 months. However, we recommend you to do the classes at your rhythm and create a studying routine.

Our teaching platform is easy and intuitive. That’s why it is not necessary to have any intimacy with digital mediums.

Mobile App available for Android and iOS

Do the exercises and get access to all the material of your course through our mobile app. You just need to download it and start practicing as soon as possible.

Complete Platform

In order to learn Russian, it’s necessary more than theoretical materials and activities. That’s why Let Me Tell provides resources to exercise the oral comprehension and pronouncing, through voice recognition technology. But that’s not everything: the platform also includes other important tools for the student’s learning.

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It’s easy to learn Russian in Let Me Tell

By doing dynamic and illustrated exercises, learn how to read, listen and write in Russian. We have grammar, vocabulary, listening and written comprehension and many more exercises. Everything with a vast support material and a little monthly investment.

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